From bathing proper after meals to having lunch publish 2 pm_ Frequent errors to keep away from for higher digestion

Everyone knows the position the intestine performs in conserving the physique wholesome and the immune system sturdy. As such, this can be very necessary to eat a gut-friendly food regimen. However, do you know that whereas a nutritious diet is crucial, what you do after having your meals can be equally necessary? “In Ayurveda, good digestion is the muse of well being and well-being. Your metabolic fireplace, or agni, transforms meals into the nourishing essence that helps the physique’s perform and existence. Agni governs the digestion and transformation of meals into extra delicate substances that nourish our our bodies. A gentle agni ensures your physique features correctly, and an impaired agni results in the buildup of metabolic toxins – ama, the basis reason behind ailments,” Dr Archana Sukumaran, Ayurveda knowledgeable at Kerala Ayurveda, informed in an earlier interplay.

As such, Dr Dixa Bhavsar Savaliya, an ayurveda knowledgeable, took to Instagram to checklist some widespread errors that have an effect on our digestive system. Sharing the guidelines, Dr Dixa wrote, “Keep away from these 5 widespread errors in your day by day routine to enhance your digestion with none medication.”

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Bathing proper after Meals

Based on Ayurveda, each exercise has a particular time interval, and doing it past that restrict can hurt the physique. It’s advised to not take a shower for two hours after having a meal. “The fireplace aspect within the physique is answerable for meals digestion, so if you eat, the fireplace components get activated and end in elevated blood circulation for efficient digestion. However, if you take a bathe, the physique temperature goes down slows the digestion,” she stated.

“Taking a shower instantly after meals cools down your physique. A sudden drop in physique temperature will dampen your agni and result in a sluggish metabolism. Since an impaired metabolism is a serious cause for all ailments, in response to Ayurveda, this can result in numerous ailments. Ideally, taking a shower 2-3 hours earlier than meals could be finest,” stated Dr Archana.

Strolling proper after meals

Whereas strolling for a while after a meal is helpful, indulging in heavy bodily actions and lengthy walks just isn’t really helpful. “Strolling lengthy distances, swimming, exercising — all these actions are Vata aggravating and shall disturb digestion, resulting in bloating, incomplete absorption of vitamin and feeling of discomfort publish meals,” Dr Dixa stated.

Vikas Chawla, Ayurveda Skilled, Vedas Remedy, added, “A typical misperception that must be disabused is that strolling proper after having dinner meals or breakfast supper ensures quick digestion. It’s not true. Lengthy-distance walks and exercising are bodily actions which irritate Vata dosha. This hampers vitamin absorption of meals and precipitates emotions of discomfort, ache, and bloating.”

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Having lunch after 2 pm


Ayurveda recommends having lunch within the afternoon anytime between 12 to 2 pm when the solar is at its peak. “It’s that point of the day when pitta is dominant, which helps digest meals simply. For a similar cause, Ayurveda considers lunch to be an important meal of the day and recommends it to be reasonable to heavy,” Dr Dixa reasoned.

“Individuals who go for intermittent fasting and fad diets typically make the error of skipping lunch or consuming after 2 pm to take care of lengthy breaks between meals. However it leads to patchy digestion and fats accumulation,” Chawla added.

Consuming curd at night time

Many people are recurring of including curd to our dinner pondering that it aids digestion, nonetheless, Ayurveda suggests avoiding it at night time. “Curd is bitter and candy in style and it will increase Kapha and Pitta dosha within the physique. Throughout the night time, there’s a pure predominance of Kapha within the physique, and having curd presently can result in extra kapha buildup. It might additionally sit within the intestine and make you are feeling constipated,” stated Dr Dixa.

Sleeping proper after meals


Don’t sleep proper after your meals; a niche of no less than 3 hours between meals and sleeping time is really helpful. “Throughout sleep, the physique repairs, heals, and restores whereas the thoughts digests ideas, feelings, and experiences from the day. For that reason, Ayurveda recommends that the final meal of the day be comparatively mild and accomplished three hours mattress,” added Dr Dixa.

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